Neural Development Club

Neural Development ClubThis group was formed in Spring 2017 to cultivate a community of scientists working on questions related to the development of the nervous system. We aim to give scientists working in diverse sub-fields and academic departments a chance to share expertise and receive feedback on their work. The group combines discussions of important journal articles in developmental neurobiology and data talks by students and post-docs. Our hope is that this flexible format will encourage learning about the history and breadth of developmental neuroscience, as well as highlight work being done by specific groups at Harvard. We aim to create a culture more akin to a discussion-based working group than a traditional seminar series. Meetings will have ample time to encourage informal discussion and lively exchanges, and we encourage everyone to continue mingling after the formal discussion is over.
NDC meets in the Quad on the last Tuesday of the month every other month from 6-7:30pm. The dates for the 2017-2018 school year are Sept 26, Nov 28, Jan 30, Mar 27, May 29, and July 31.
Group Coordinators:
Michelle Frank (Goodrich Lab)
Elizabeth Lamkin (Heiman Lab)
GaYoung Lee, PhD, (Liberles Lab)
Ivan Santiago (Pecot Lab)