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How the Insular Cortex Sees Food
Homeostatic circuits selectively gate food cue responses in insular cortex. Nature paper from the labs of Mark Andermann and Bradford Lowell, first author Yoav Livneh. Reveals a circuit that links hunger-sensing hypothalamic AgRP neurons to the insular cortex via thalamus and amygdala.

Topography of Primate Visual System
A hierarchical, retinotopic proto-organization of the primate visual system at birth. Elife paper from lab of Margaret Livingstone, first author Michael Arcaro. Reveals that even before birth, before any visual experience, the visual system is organized into a series of maps of visual space.

Timescales in Neural Coding
Distinct timescales of population coding across cortex. Nature paper from the labs of Christopher Harvey and Stefano Panzeri, co-first authors Caroline A. Runyan and Eugenio Piasini. Reveals how coding timescales vary across the cortex and depend on the structure of the neuronal population code.



Our Neuroscience Community

Harvard Neuroscientists to Play Leadership Roles in Two Newly Launched Allen Discovery Centers:

Allen Discovery Center for Human Brain Evolution at HMS/Boston Children's
, to be led by Harvard professors Christopher A. Walsh, in partnership with Michael E. Greenberg and David E. Reich
Read more in the Boston Globe, Nature News and HMS News >>

Allen Discovery Center for Cell Lineage Tracing at UW Medicine, to be led by Jay Shendure at UW, in partnership with Michael Elowitz at Caltech and Harvard Site Director Alex Schier
Read more in Nature News and on the Allen Frontiers Group website >> 

Three Neuroscientists in the HBI Community Newly Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Professors David Ginty (HMS Dept of Neurobiology), Rachel Wilson (HMS Dept of Neurobiology) and Junying Yuan (HMS Dept of Cell Biology) were honored for “their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.”  Read more >>

Upcoming Event

Neuroscience Across the Charles
An HBI symposium celebrating cross-campus collaborations 

Wednesday October 18, Noon to 5:30pm
Harvard Unviersity, Cambridge Campus

Featuring talks by Fred Alt, Dragana Rogulja, Connie Cepko, Bob Datta, Hopi Hoekstra, Paola Arlotta and Lisa Goodrich

Details & Registeration >>