Undergraduate Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Poster Session


Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 4:30pm to 6:00pm


Northwest Cafe, 52 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Poster Session 2016 ImageThe Harvard Brain Science Initiative, Conte Center at Harvard and the Undergraduate Concentration Advisors in Neurobiology at Harvard College are jointly sponsoring this fifth annual celebration of undergraduate research in neuroscience and psychology.


Please join us:


Tuesday April 25th
4:30 to 6:00pm, Northwest Café

~Hors d'oeuvres & drinks served~

Poster Presenters include:

Mark Czeisler ’19, Neurobiology                     
3D-Reconstruction of the Brain Clock Connectome: How the Circadian Clock Keeps Time
Labs of Jeff Lichtman (Harvard) and Joseph Takahashi (UT Southwestern)

Eric Juarez ’17, Psychology
Episodic Future Thinking and Food Choices in Older Adults
Lab of Daniel Schacter (Harvard)

Jeong Jun Kim ’18, Chemical and Physical Biology
2P or Not 2P: targeted optogenetic perturbation at single-cell resolution
Lab of Adam Cohen (Harvard)

Shreya Mathur ’18, Neurobiology
Role of Nociceptors in Driving B Cell Antibody Class Switching in Allergic Inflammation
Lab of Clifford Woolf (Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital)

Vaibhav Mohanty ’19, Chemistry and Physics
Optimizing the MRI Signal Model to Estimate Diffusional Kurtosis
Research Team of Jens Jensen and Joseph Helpern (Center for Biomedical Imaging, Medical University of South Carolina)

Cynthia Okamoto ’17, Neurobiology - MBB Track
Sensory Gating: From Elevators to Schizophrenia
Lab of Robert Stickgold (Harvard and BIDMC)

Halie Olson ’17, Neurobiology – MBB Track
Early Biomarkers for Anxiety: An event-related potential study on emotional face processing and internalizing traits in three-year-olds
Lab of Charles Nelson (Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital)

Hailey Reneau ’17, Human Evolutionary Biology
Sex Differences in the Effects of Social Support on PTSD in U.S. Veterans
Research Team of Brian P. Marx (National Center for PTSD, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Boston)
Harvard Thesis Advisor: Carole Hooven

Keyuree Satam ’18, Neurobiology
Investigating GDF11’s permeability through the blood brain barrier and its effect on cerebral vasculature
Lab of Lee Rubin (Harvard)

Emma Satterthwaite Muresianu ’17, Neurobiology – MBB Track
The Impact of Maternal Stress and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status on Infant Neurodevelopment at Two and Six Months
Lab of Charles Nelson (Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital)

Madeleine Snyder, ’17, Neurobiology
What to do when your baby monkey falls asleep in the scanner: A study on resting and stimulus state functional connectivity in infant macaques
Lab of Margaret Livingstone (Harvard)

Georgia Stirtz ’17, Neurobiology – MBB Track
Modeling and Preventing Inclusions That Result from αS Dyshomeostasis
Lab of Dennis Selkoe (Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

Anthony Thai ’17, Neurobiology
Characterizing Trem2 expression for study of microglia-mediated synapse pruning
Lab of Beth Stevens (Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital)

Bennett Vogt ’17, Chemical and Physical Biology
Investigating the assembly of clustered protocadherins involved in dendrite self-avoidance
Lab of Rachelle Gaudet (Harvard)