Neuro Topics

Harvard researchers are deeply committed to understanding nervous system development and function, in both healthy and disease states. Basic scientists and clinician-researchers work together across departments, programs and centers to study the nervous system from diverse perspectives, as described in the overlapping subfields below.

Image Credits

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Courtesy of Lauren Orefice (MGH/HMS)
Tools and Technology: Courtesy of Barbara Robens, lab of Ann Poduri (BCH)
Sensory and Motor Systems: Courtesy of Lauren Orefice (MGH/HMS)
Mental Health and Illness: Courtesy of Olga Alekseenko, Lab of Susan Dymecki (HMS)
Neurodegenerative Disease: Courtesy of Jeff Lichtman (Harvard) and Takao Hensch (Harvard/BCH)
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience: Courtesy of Isle Bastille, lab of Lisa Goodrich (HMS)
Theory and Computation: Courtesy of Tianyang Ye, lab of Hongkun Park (Harvard)
Development Neuroscience: Courtesy of Katherine Morillo, lab of Christopher A. Walsh (BCH)