Neuro Topics

Harvard researchers are deeply committed to understanding nervous system development and function, in both healthy and disease states. Basic scientists and clinician-researchers work together across departments, programs and centers to study the nervous system from diverse perspectives, as shown in the overlapping subfields below. You can click the boxes below to explore news stories on relevant publications in each area. You can also sort our lab directory by these research areas.

Image Credits

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Courtesy of Lauren Orefice (MGH/HMS)
Tools and Technology: Courtesy of Barbara Robens, lab of Ann Poduri (BCH)
Sensory and Motor Systems: Courtesy of Lauren Orefice (MGH/HMS)
Mental Health and Illness: Courtesy of Olga Alekseenko, Lab of Susan Dymecki (HMS)
Neurodegenerative Disease: Courtesy of Jeff Lichtman (Harvard) and Takao Hensch (Harvard/BCH)
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience: Courtesy of Isle Bastille, lab of Lisa Goodrich (HMS)
Theory and Computation: Courtesy of Tianyang Ye, lab of Hongkun Park (Harvard)
Development Neuroscience: Courtesy of Katherine Morillo, lab of Christopher A. Walsh (BCH)