photo of shriya srinivasan
Shriya Srinivasan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Harvard University
Director, Biohybrid Organs & Neuroprosthetics (BIONICs) Lab
Human-Machine integration

Despite their widespread prevalence, few restorative options exist for neuromuscular pathologies, ranging from peripheral spasticity, paralysis, pain, bowel dysmotility, and pelvic floor dysfunction. The current therapeutic options of pharmacology and physical therapy alleviate symptoms and decelerate disease progression, but do not significantly restore patients’ sensorimotor function.

At the BIONICs lab, we are working to develop a thorough scientific understanding of the complex interplay of the sensorimotor components underlying neuromuscular pathology to holistically design devices that will mechanistically incorporate with the body and augment end organ sensorimotor deficits. We will harness the functionality of biological tissues through reconstructive surgical design alongside electromechanical design of sensors, actuators and stimulators to engineer neuroprosthetic biohybrid organs to achieve restorative solutions for neuromuscular diseases through clinical translation.