Harvard is home to the largest and most distinguished neuroscience enterprise in the world, with over 500 faculty, researchers and physicians collaborating across disciplines, laboratories, hospitals and research centers to reveal the mysteries of the human brain.


Harvard Medicine News: "Genetic Repurposing"
New Nature paper from labs of Michael Greenberg, Margaret Livingstone and colleagues provides clue into the genetic mechanisms underlying evolution of cognition in humans

Neuron: Q&A with Mike Greenberg
Neuron interviews HBI Co-Director Mike Greenberg - discussing what inspires, motivates and challenges him as a scientist

Harvard Medicine News: "A Neuron's Hardy Bunch"
New Neuron paper from HBI Bipolar Seed Grant Awardee Pascal Kaeser explores role of active zone proteins in neuronal communication

Harvard Medicine News: "An Agent of Demise"
New Science paper from HBI ALS Seed Grant Awardee Junying Yuan reveals role of the enzyme RIPK1 in axonal degeneration in ALS

Harvard Medicine News: "More Than Meets the Eye"
New Neuron paper from Rick Born and Gabriel Kreiman's groups explores variability in the electrical activities of cortical neurons

Our Neuroscience Community

Monday, Jan 16 to Friday Jan 20, 2017

A Wintersession workshop for Harvard College undergradautes

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Brain Science Initiative and Conte Center at Harvard

Come explore the topic of mental health through multiple lenses in this unique weeklong workshop, bringing together voices from the basic sciences, medicine and clinical research, as well as art therapy and personal reflections.

Meet neurobiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, expressive art therapists, a popular science author, brain bank and human brain imaging experts, National Alliance on Mental Illness advocates, grad students, postdocs, and fellow Harvard undergrads with similar interests – all with ample opportunities to ask questions and mingle over meals!

Read more and register >> 



Upcoming Event

The Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology invites you to:

The 20th Annual Edward R. and Anne G. Lefler Symposium
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2:00 to 4:00pm, Goldenson 122
Lefler Grantee and Fellow Presentations
Featuring grdaute student Laura Driscoll (Chris Harvey Lab) and postdoctoral fellow Soyon Hong, PhD (Beth Stevens Lab),
Professor Wade Regehr, PhD, HMS Department of Neurobiology

4:30 to 5:45pm, Armenise Amphitheater
Keynote Address by Professor Richard W. Tsien, DPhil (NYU)
"Modes of Information Transfer Across Neurons and Circuits"