Harvard is home to the largest and most distinguished neuroscience enterprise in the world, with over 500 faculty, researchers and physicians collaborating across disciplines, laboratories, hospitals and research centers to reveal the mysteries of the human brain.


Harvard Gazette: "New gene-delivery therapy restores partial hearing, balance in deaf mice"
New Molecular Therapy paper from the labs of David Corey, Xandra Breakefield and Casey Maguire

Harvard Medicine News: "Genetic Repurposing"
New Nature paper from labs of Michael Greenberg, Margaret Livingstone and colleagues provides clue into the genetic mechanisms underlying evolution of cognition in humans

Harvard Medicine News: "A Neuron's Hardy Bunch"
New Neuron paper from HBI Bipolar Seed Grant Awardee Pascal Kaeser explores role of active zone proteins in neuronal communication

Our Neuroscience Community

HBI is pleased to announce our third call for proposals for the HBI ALS Grant Program, supported by a generous donation from the Stephen Van R. Winthrop Fund for ALS Research.

This program seeks to foster a broad range of ALS research, aimed at advancing biomedical breakthroughs that will ultimately enhance our capacity to treat and cure ALS. 

--Letters of Intent due April 1, 2017
--Full proposals due April 28, 2017

Read more and download RFA >>

Upcoming Event

HBI is partnering with the Conte Center at Harvard and the undergraduate concentration advisors in Neurobiology at Harvard College to bring you the Fifth Annual:

Undergraduate Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Poster Session

Tuesday, April 25th
4:30 to 6:00pm
Northwest Cafe