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Harvard Medicine News: "A Neuron's Hardy Bunch"
New Neuron paper from HBI Bipolar Seed Grant Awardee Pascal Kaeser explores role of active zone proteins in neuronal communication

Harvard Medicine News: "An Agent of Demise"
New Science paper from HBI ALS Seed Grant Awardee Junying Yuan reveals role of the enzyme RIPK1 in axonal degeneration in ALS

Harvard Medicine News: "More Than Meets the Eye"
New Neuron paper from Rick Born and Gabriel Kreiman's groups explores variability in the electrical activities of cortical neurons

Spectrum News: "Autism's social problems may stem from sense of touch"
New Cell paper from David Ginty’s lab explores role of peripheral nervous system in autism


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Request for Proposals:
This program supports research relevant to the basic understanding and eventual treatment of bipolar disorder.

Supported by a generous gift from Kent and Liz Dauten, this program seeks innovative, visionary projects with new ideas and approaches that otherwise may not attract seed funding from conventional sources. 

Basic research at any level can be supported through this program, but the applicant should articulate a clear connection to bipolar disorder.

LOIs Due Wednesday, October 19, 2017
Full Applications Due Monday, November 21, 2017

More information & eligibility >>


Upcoming Event


A Special Symposium Highlighting Collaborative Neurobiology Research

Wednesday October 26, 2016
1:30pm to 5:30pm, Goldenson 122


Nao Uchida and John Assad  |  Dopamine and Timing

Aravi Samuel and Rachel Wilson  |  Maturation of Connectivity Within a Neural Circuit

Paola Arlotta and Lisa Goodrich  |  Molecular Profiling of Neuronal Diversity

Hopi Hoekstra and Bob Datta  |  The Evolution, Genetics and Neurobiology of Social Behavior 

Venki Murthy and Susan Dymecki  |  Oxygen, Odors and Brain Serotonin

More details >>