The Future of Brain Science is Here.

Harvard is home to the largest and most distinguished neuroscience enterprise in the world, with over 500 faculty, researchers and physicians collaborating across disciplines, laboratories, hospitals and research centers to reveal the mysteries of the human brain.


Harvard Medicine News: "A Neuron's Hardy Bunch"
New Neuron paper from HBI Bipolar Seed Grant Awardee Pascal Kaeser explores role of active zone proteins in neuronal communication

Harvard Medicine News: "An Agent of Demise"
New Science paper from HBI ALS Seed Grant Awardee Junying Yuan reveals role of the enzyme RIPK1 in axonal degeneration in ALS

Harvard Medicine News: "More Than Meets the Eye"
New Neuron paper from Rick Born and Gabriel Kreiman's groups explores variability in the electrical activities of cortical neurons

Spectrum News: "Autism's social problems may stem from sense of touch"
New Cell paper from David Ginty’s lab explores role of peripheral nervous system in autism

Our Neuroscience Community

Request for Proposals 

This program supports collaborative neuroscience research projects linking faculty in basic science departments at HMS with FAS faculty at Harvard's Cambridge campus. 

Seeks to foster a broad range of fundamental neuroscience research, focusing on projects whose long-term aim is to provide basic insights into mechanisms underlying brain disorders.

LOIs Due Monday, July 18
Applications Due Monday, August 15

More information & eligibility >>

Upcoming Event

For the Department of Neurobiology at HMS

Established in 1966, Dr. Stephen W. Kuffler invented a new field called Neurobiology, combining physiology, biochemistry, histology, neuroanatomy, and electron microscopy in a single group. It was the first such department in the world, and it created a model of cross-disciplinary research that has characterized neurobiology ever since. The celebration will honor not only the 50th anniversary of the department and its founding members, but will also look back at the development of the department and the field of Neurobiology. Read more >>

Thurs October 6
& Friday October 7, 2016

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