About HBI

In the past five decades, Harvard’s campus has given rise to the world’s largest neuroscience enterprise.   

In 1966, neuroscience began formally at Harvard with the foundation of the world’s first Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.  Uniting physiologists, biochemists and anatomists, the department pioneered an interdisciplinary approach that was revolutionary at the time.  Their discoveries have defined the field of modern neurobiology.  

In 2004, Harvard established the Center for Brain Science (CBS) within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  CBS brings neuroscientists together with physical scientists and engineers to develop new tools for neuroscience. Members are drawn from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Neurobiology at the Harvard Medical School, the School of Engineering, and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.  

The Harvard Brain Science Initiative (HBI) represents a "One Harvard" approach to coordinating and serving the neuroscience research, teaching and medical community as a whole.