Core Facilities

The complexity of the human brain exceeds that of any observable system in the known universe. In order to ensure that our researchers have access to cutting-edge tools, technologies and methodologies, Harvard University invests in shared core facilities; from macro and micro-scale imaging technologies, genetics and behavioral analysis to neuro-engineering and bioinformatics. Below we list some examples, with links to more detailed listings.

Harvard Cambridge Campus:

Bauer Core Facility – includes Sequencing, Flow Cytometry, Real-Time PCR, Single Cell Analysis

Harvard Center for Biological Imaging

Center for Brain Science Neuroengineering Core

Center for Brain Science Neuroimaging Core

Center for Brain Science Light Microscopy Core

Center for Brain Science Electron Microscopy Core

Genome Modification Facility 

Harvard Stem Cell Institute iPS Core

For more information, see FAS Division of Science Core Facilities.


Harvard Medical School Campus:

Neurobiology Imaging Facility

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center Enhanced Neuroimaging Core

Nikon Imaging Center

HMS Electron Microscopy Facility

HMS Single Cell Core

HMS Research Instrumentation Core

HMS Quad Machine Shop

HMS Biopolymers Facility

For more detailed information, see HMS Quad Core Facilities.


Multimedia Links:

Big Data"Harvard's Odyssey Unlocks Big Data", a Harvard Gazette story featuring a 3-minute video exploration of how neuroscientists use computers in brain discovery.



Fab Lab"Fab Lab", a Harvard Medicine story that describes the ingenious output possible when neurobiologists and engineers collaborate.